Default value of the duration of all the pictures

Can we set the default value of the duration of all the pictures in a slide at one time?

No, setting the default value itself, which is 4 seconds, cannot be changed as far as I know. However when you load an image into the player, a pretty easy way to make sure all your clips are the same duration is to start each one at 0, obviously, as the in point with the “I” key. Then type in the duration you want in the position input, hit enter, which seeks the cursor to that point in time and hit “O” for output. All of your images should be the same duration if you use this method.

If you would like that option to be considered for future versions, just change this topic to suggestion.

Edit: I’m sorry, I was mistaken. When you load an image in the source player and go to the properties panel there should be a option to set the default duration.

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Ok, but we have to go back in properties for each of the images, for a slide of 20 images it is necessary to redo this operation 20 times!

If you’re on Windows you could try to do your slide show in:

jI already do slides with other software and I also own studio 20 pinnacle. With Studio 20 it is possible to set the duration of display of all the images at one time and I simply wanted to know if one could do it with shotcut

No, after you hit the “Set Default” button on the properties section of that image type it will apply again to all images, even ones different file formats from each other. You won’t have to redo the operation 20 times. I just tried it myself on Windows version 17.03.02.

Ok but if after I change the default value on one of the images this value is not changed on the other

It affects the durations of any images loaded after you set the change. Anything you previously loaded into your playlist/timeline follows the previous default duration. I don’t see what’s not to understand.

Ok I understood that all the images had the same duration by default, but I thought that when they were all present in the playlist we could reset the default value for all images.

Not sure what this “support engineer” is talking about; just tried it…every time i put a new image in it reverts to 4 seconds, i can’t set it with the properties panel, it too reverts to 4 seconds; you have to manually drag it in the timeline…super lame. Telling people “I don’t see what’s to understand” is the phrase of a person who doesn’t have any tact. Seems like everyone but you has problems with it. “it works on my box” is a crappy excuse. I work in software; i should know.

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Open Shotcut.
Drag a photo to the preview window
Click the SOURCE tab
Open properties, set the duration to what you need
Press the [Default] button
Drag the picture from the preview window to the timeline (or press + to add it to the playlist first)
The photo duration is what you set the default to
Drag another image in - the image duration is also the new default.

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To my knowledge I have done everything as stated by Steve_Ledger and still my default duration is 4 seconds. I will keep trying but nothing seems to change

…and now it has crashed. I will report again when It opens my project again…

In this video it states that only photos added to the playlist AFTER the default change will have the new default time duration. All photos added before the default remain at the original duration

I recommend trying again and following my step-by-step 100% because I assure you it works perfectly every time.


I will do exactly as you ask but answer this, when you say “Drag another image in” are you stating from the Playlist window or just a folder. I am sure that anything dropped into the playlist window maintains the original duration.

I hear the frustration in your reply and I understand but I have followed your simple steps and it does not work if you have previously created a playlist with the 4 second duration.


Wilbur I am describing how to start from scratch, not an already populated playlist.

I never asserted that it did.
Please re read my steps.

Steve, I was addressing the OP. In that post, the photos were already in the playlist. I just wanted it to be clear what the misunderstanding was.

I did re-read your steps. Unfortunately your tone sounds condescending with regards to the situation

I won’t apologise for how I ‘sound’ to others, that’s all in their heads.
You don’t know me, so I’ll just let you know that I am merely interested in helping (where I can).