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Is there a reason for Debian distribution not including glaxnimate package?

Thank you very much for the great Shotcut software :slight_smile:


Yes, talk to Debian about that!

I’m guessing you’re running Debian Stable? It uses a conservative approach focused on stability. New software updates take time before they make it into the stable repo, so you won’t get all the new features as soon as most other distros.

Some consider the above an advantage, others don’t. Just run the AppImage versions for all the latest features. Please please please backup all your projects first or make sure your own backup software has run recently (that way in case of some weird fatality, you can still use the repo version on the backups and you wont suffer catastrophic losses).

That’s one way to proceed and is how I would go about it.

Maybe Glaxnimate doesn’t meet their Packaging standards.

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I use Debian testing. It neither doesn’t include glaxnimate, and it is updated on a daily basis. I hope it will be included soon :slight_smile:


OK. Well you have one solution.

I think @david.lyon is right.
If it isn’t in candidates then you will be waiting a while.

In the long term, when it comes to Shotcut, I would get all my updates from here to avoid these pitfalls. That’s just me, and I use the AppImages without issue.

Distribution through Debian, Ubuntu, etc has its advantages. The updating is central and automatic with the rest of system :slight_smile:


Of course, and that’s a given! But it doesn’t have to be a case of “all or nothing”. I am personally willing to make an exception from time to time, and imo this seems like one of them. If you’re not willing to run a legitimate build from this site in order to access Glaxnimate, that’s cool I guess. :crazy_face:

Oh, no problem at all. Only asking if there is some issue that avoids its inclusion in Debian, existing a package. Shotcut is included and updated regularly :slight_smile:


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