Dealing with Distortion after Rotating Video Clip

Hi! I’ve been trying to rotate this clip which is working however each time that I do it distorts the video clip and makes it a lot wider than how it looks in real life. Is there a way that I can stop this from happening?

Thank you.

If you were using any 3D software the answer would be lot easier just change the origin to geometry, But in this case you are using video editor so keyframing would be required every second but not too much time consuming, first rotate the clip to a true looking place on the first second before it becomes to start distorting then add a keyframe on the next 10 millisecond move it to a true position then do the same thing for 3or 4 seconds then just split the clip on every 3 or 4 second then copy and paste the filters on every clip, It could almost take 15 minutes.

Can you show us a screenshot of Shotcut as you’re performing the rotation? Rotation by itself doesn’t usually distort the video.


Here’s the first image. He’s the distortion after I try to straighten it.

Really weird, right?

I just checked to see how it behaves when I don’t use videos that were recorded with my DSLR and Shotcut seems to be acting perfectly with those. I’ve never had a video editor react weirdly to files from my camera though. Any thoughts?

Vraisemblablement le mode vidéo que vous avez défini ne correspond pas au format de votre image.
Appliquez d’abord un filtre “Recadrer: source”

Presumably the video mode you set does not match the format of your image.
First apply a “Crop: source” filter.

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