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Hi all,

Jus wondering if anyone has managed to use a DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor to control Shotcut.

It has a very nice Jog/Shuttle control and buttons that could map to quite a few of shotcut’s functions.

Hey @st599,

That was good question.
I also had this doubt in the initial days.
But as much as I consulted, the answer is NO.
On the fast editor the buttons are assigned to specific functions.
Those functions does not work on Shotcut.
So it is impossible to use the fast editor on Shotcut.

Thank you for giving me a opportunity to answer on this topic by raising such a topic.

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I do not personally have a Speed Editor, but the question interested me.

Here’s a blog entry by a film editor who tried to remap the Speed Editor for Premiere etc, and was unable to do so because the device blocked access to the USB button group. As in, the device does not exactly present itself as a standard keyboard to the OS, and therefore cannot be remapped with the usual tools:


Peter Chamberlain at BMD went so far as to say the buttons can’t even be remapped within Resolve itself:


However, there are three somewhat similar devices that can work with Shotcut:

ikan TourBox:

Contour ShuttlePRO v2:

Contour Shuttle Xpress:

All three act like standard keyboard key injectors. The Contour devices are specifically supported by Shotcut and there is a downloadable mapping file from the Shotcut site:


Forum user @Roger_Leitch has also created a mapping file for the Xpress:

Shuttle Express Configuration

As a personal usage side note, I had briefly tried a jog dial device in the past and not been overly excited about it. The way I was using it didn’t solve the issues of dragging and dropping media into the editor or dragging clips around the timeline. I didn’t have a workflow that could break free of the mouse.

Then, in response to this thread, I found the BMD press release for the Speed Editor and it described a workflow I’d never considered. When using the Speed Editor in Resolve, it goes back to the “linear analog tape editing days” by basically stitching all the source media end-to-end as a “source tape” which can now be navigated with the wheel and split/dropped onto the timeline. This eliminates the mouse. I think I can simulate this workflow in Shotcut and maybe get interested enough to pick up a Contour Shuttle and try it. This is probably basic knowledge to @st599 and others that use this stuff every day, but it was a new thought to me, and I recommend reading the full BMD article for all the “linear tape” details if the thought is new to anyone else:


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