Date don't get added on the playlist as before

Windows 10 X64

version 22.06.23

So i updated Shotcut yesterday, and i put some videogame clips to shotcut and normally i organize them by date, but today i noticed the clips didn’t actually got a blank date.

But if i click on them, it would then update with the right date, at first i thought it was just a cosmetic problem, but it seems that actually change the location of the files.

is not that difficult, i just need to double click on all the files once to get the date back, but is a bit annoying but not terrible exactly.

shotcut log Luiz.txt (38.7 KB)

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I can clearly see the problem in your video. But I am not able to reproduce the problem myself when I test in Windows with the same version. Maybe there is something unique about your files that cause the problem. Can you make a minimal test case with only one or two files that reproduces the problem?

Is anyone else able to reproduce this strange behavior?

Not exactly the same, but except from the first clip my playlist, when I double-click on the date, it switches from the date shown in the “Date” column of Explorer to the date shown in the “Modified date” column.

Maybe @LuizPSC files don’t show anything in the Date column of Explorer?

i teste again with files (recorded with shadowplay) and the problems does happens again.

(data de criação = date created, Data de modificação = Date modified

but with other files not being from shadowplay, it appears perfectly, maybe i was mistaken, and is not a problem with Shotcut?

Thanks for the help. I was able to reproduce the problem of the wrong date being displayed as demonstrated by @MusicalBox. That is fixed for the next release. Hopefully that will also fix the problem @LuizPSC sees with the files from shadowplay.


Thanks for the attention, and i glad i helped in some minor way with this program.