Dark Theme with Windows High Contrast Mode


I recently updated to the latest version (23.05.07) but Shotcut’s dark theme does not work alongside high contrast mode in Windows (I’m using Windows 10). I have retinal damage and I must use my computer in high contrast mode, as Windows’ regular dark mode does not force all software to use a darker color palette. Shotcut’s current look is headache-inducing and I can barely see any text.

I had to revert back to version 22.12.21 after seeing that turning on Windows dark theme is the only option now. I hope a future version allows for a dark theme to be used when Windows is in high contrast mode, or even allows custom dark themes to be downloaded and applied to the UI. I’ve been using Shotcut for over two years now and I would prefer to keep using it for future video projects.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Please read the release notes

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It says in the release notes:

The Shotcut dark or light theme now strictly follows the system settings.

My computer is in high contrast mode, which is different than Windows’ standard dark theme. It forces ALL apps into some sort of dark mode. But the Shotcut UI is not using any darker color palette whatsoever. It’s ignoring my system settings, apparently.

It is the Qt6 gui framework there control if the gui is in light or dark mode based on the system setting.
Shotcut have no control over it, in qt5 it was possible to select themes from the application.

The options in your screenshot are only available to me if high contrast mode is turned off and standard dark mode is turned on. And most of the apps/software that I use daily do not display dark themes unless high contrast mode is on. Dark mode and high contrast mode are two different groups of system settings. Having to constantly switch between dark mode and high contrast mode is annoying.

I’m just hoping that a future version of Shotcut allows for more UI customization. For now, I’ll keep using version 22.12.21.

Just so it is known, this issue was seemingly corrected with version 23.05.14. Thank you immensely for this.