Cutting Objects From video

Alright, what I am attempting to do is create animated memes using real videos. What I am trying to do is take a video, crop a certain portion of the video to where it is an actual photo but it is cropped what I want. Example I have a video of a cat nodding its head and I want to crop it to where there is only the cat itself without the background but the cat moves normally as originally in the video. Another example is if a person is dancing and I want to cut out the background, keep the dancing person and replace the background with a green screen to use in other videos. You have to edit it frame by frame. I have heard that natron was a good one, but I do not know the name if the process that I described above so I cannot find it. Thank you

The effect you are looking for is called a “Difference Matte Effect”. Blender has such a feature. For more information see the info pointed to here:

Or just Google it.

The general process is called “rotoscoping”

It doesn’t necessarily have to be frame by frame , because there is interpolation between keyframes (“tweening”) . There is an “art” to effective rotoscoping; you typically split in half by doing the start and end, then split those in half, etc…, tweaking the points as you along etc… Generally you divide into multiple mask areas, instead of 1 big mask. There should be many tutorials on youtube on “rotoscoping” in various programs

It’s the usually the last resort because it’s tedious - Often there are other methods you can combine with rotoscoping to make things go faster - such as linking your masks with motion tracking, different types of masking techniques (difference matting was mentioned above, luma masking, chroma keying specific areas )

You don’t want to export a green screen. Once you’ve done all that work, you just save it with an alpha channel for the transparency. Green screen just complicates things - lower quality end result in the other program, and it takes more steps

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