Cut Video & Export without recoding

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is it possible to import a Video (Format: MPEG4 H264), cut out unwanded stuff, and the export it without recoding?

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alright, thanks for clarification

That’s a job for Avidemux or MKVToolnix

I wanted to suggest it for the FAQ but it’s actually already there:

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You can’t on all video editor (i know it’s very stupid, all video editor are bad for exporting videos)
You can use avidemux

- open video
- select a piece of video you want to remove with the A and B button. Then press suppr.
- repeat operation for all part you want to remove.
- click file > save

Video is cut without reencoding
You need to know there is one limitation, you can cut only on Iframe (usually every 30 frames)
But avidemux work on many format and container.

Since version 18.09.13 of Shotcut: Properties > menu > Extract Sub-clip. However, it it not very reliable, depends heavily on how the video was encoded and its format, and your mileage may vary. So, one of the other mentioned tools is still recommended.