Cut some off ending, file size increased almost 3X

The only change I made to the mp4 file was to cut some off the ending, shortening the 3 minute video by a few seconds. But the exported file increased in size from 6,347 KB to 16,119 KB. I then processed it again, this time unchecking the “Use hardware encoder” box; exported file was still 15,504 KB. It seems that many here have asked about this, but I haven’t seen a solution that worked for me. I checked the “Properties” for both and didn’t see any difference.

Your file size increase is OK. The problem is that your input file size was possibly too low. To understand this requires that you understand that most audio and video compression works by discarding details, noise, and information. That is called a “lossy” process. Each time you do that, you lose more information. Like most video editors, Shotcut must recompress to create the output. If you want to reduce the output file size you must reduce the quality % or the bitrate in the advanced export settings. If you try to reduce it a lot to be less than the original size, you are probably going to lose a lot of information, and it will look bad quality. Is that what you want? You can make it do that if you want. Or, are you looking to remove the end few seconds without recompressing? For that, you can try using Properties > menu > Extract Sub-clip, which will use the in and out points; but it is not frame accurate if your clip is using inter-frame compression.

I’m a video newbie, so I don’t understand much of what you said. I just want to retain the original quality while removing part(s) of it, without increasing the file size. Would Properties > menu > Extract Sub-clip do that?

Most video files - and 99% likely yours as well - are not made for doing that. If this was the year 2002, and you were editing SD with a format called DV, then I could say yes.

Would Properties > menu > Extract Sub-clip do that?

Maybe, you have to try it.

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