Cut of parts with no audio = Translator pauses

Is there a function in shotcut to cut of Translator pauses ?

You’ll have to give more infos than that. What is this Translator you talk about ?

the recording of an english zoom lecture has silent breakes, the other 5 translated languages are done in these breakes in different recordings.
I wish to delete these silent breaks…

Do you mean an automatic silence detection tool?
If so, Shotcut does not have a specific tool focused on this.
However, you can track such pauses by looking at the audio waveform.

I have done extensive public speaking with pauses for a translator to repeat me, so I am familiar with its difficulties.

This morning I am making a “rush job” tutorial of how to shorten a video of such a speech, to have the translation on top of the speaker video.

(If anyone would like to partner with me, to convert it to a quality tutorial, the partnership would be welcomed.)

Thanks, I know - this is the big job…

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The “rush job” took all day, and I am unsatisfied with my final product.

It does illustrate a method for reducing a video (or a pair of videos, or video with separate audio) of a speaker and translator speaking alternately, to a shorter video with the translator speaking simultaneously with the unheard (or barely heard) speaker.

But my “tutorial” is long and rambling; someone very generous with praise might call it “mediocre” in quality.

Some time ago I wanted to make some tutorials in Spanish about Shotcut. My lack of ability to articulate a script and my continuous mistakes when trying to explain the procedures made this project a headache.
I was never satisfied about my voice, about the length of the explanation, about the words to use, etc. Finally, fed up with so much inconsistency on my part, I closed that folder for future use.
The entry of my short videos about the audio filters came from that project folder (I chose a short format and no spoken explanation, only graphical).
I would be more of a hindrance than a help, hahaha.

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Yes, exactly.

Some people seem to have a gift for this.

I believe my gifts are in a different arena; I will go back to making the videos I can do well.

I didn’t want to discourage you.
And yes, it seems that some people have a special talent for speaking in a natural way and communicating ideas in a simple way.

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