Cut and move the videos

hi, i wanted to create a clips for my students during this pandemic, but i dont know how to create things like below. what filter do i need to be able to make layer to move and stop at some point or dissapear completely ?

a full tutorial for similiar effect or exactly like this will be very very welcome


I think you have to invest some time learning video editing and shotcut! :wink:
You need two “layers”, more precise video tracks above each other and use masking.
Just mask out what you dont want in the video and put it on the track above the main layer.
Its a bit tricky to learn the technique for the first time, but it pays off :wink:

It helps if you have some experience with masking / alpha channels in photo editing first.

Thanks for replying. I know how to masking. But apparently, i dont know how to make it zoom out or slide to a selection point, all i can do is just make the layer slide and gone, which is not the one that i want…

Is there any other tricks?

You can animate the mask with filters (size & position) etc. But this is not very convenient. For this task you would normally use something more elaborated like After Effects as mentioned. But you could do it somehow in SC. The keyword is object tracking, i think. With that you can ‘bind’ the spot (mask) to a moving object in the main clip. I am afraid SC is not capable of that technique.

Tahts a very very very great tips! Ill check it out and post it if everythingwent right! Thank you very much!

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