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I am a new user with Shotcut and am still fairly new to video editing as a whole. I am attempting to use the Custom Transitions by JONRAY, the video versions from Google Drive that are linked on Shotcut’s Resources page. I pulled the two tracks over each other and the transition appeared, so I clicked on it and added the Mask: From File filter over the top. I chose my transition from the list and set it up under File. However, when I play the clips back in my preview, it simply crossfades, rather than doing the transition I chose.
If someone could help me, that would be much appreciated. I’m not sure if I’m simply missing something, or doing something wrong altogether. If a video is needed, let me know, I can screen record my problem.

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Step 1: Create your Transition long enough for the custom transition you want.
Step 2: Select the Transition by clicking on it.
Step 3: Properties (of the transition)
Step 4: Drop down menu, select Custom. You have to find where you stored the transition you downloaded that Johnray made.
Step 5: Select the transition you want.

Example… no Mask filter applied.

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Hi @Inktail099 , just to add: you’ll need the latest version of SC (currently 20.02) for @Hudson555x’s tutorial (which is excellent) to work. You can use the mask:from file method in previous versions (and also the current version) but it’s slightly complicated - instructions here:
Matte transition video files explanation and instructions.pdf (968.6 KB)

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Ah, okay. Thank you guys very much!
I got the transitions to work in the previews, but then when I exported it to test (since my computer lags a bit, it makes it hard to edit, so I often export it to test my timing) the transitions came up as reading INVALID. I’m not quite sure why it’s doing this now, but I got the first part fixed, so thank you! :3

There is a bug that if you Lift, Remove, or Cut a transition and then undo it will cause this. It was fixed for the next version 20.04.

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