Custom Shortcuts

It’s nice to be able to edit shortcut keys but would it be possible to create custom shortcuts?

In the Custom Shortcut dialog, there could be a drop down to pick an action and then another drop down to apply a value. Then you could assign a key to the new custom shortcut.

For example, when the custom shortcut key is pressed, move playhead forward 15 frames.


It is not clear if you already know about Help > Actions and Shortcuts. Or asking for the ability to make macros with shortcuts? We will probably not add that. There is AutoHotKey for Windows and maybe some other OS has similar. And for your example, there is already the Player menu with Forward Jump, Backward Jump, and Set Jump Time.

Hi Dan,
I am aware of Actions and Shortcuts but I was not aware of Set Jump Time, that’s very helpful. I was asking for the ability to make macros with shortcuts within Shotcut but I understand if it’s not something that will be added since the ability already exists with a third party program. Thanks for the response!