Custom mask types made in the program with vector drawing

When editing videos I run it to problems when using the mask filter. First of all when the filter is applied the video player lags and that gets even worse when you apply more mask filters. Second I do know that there is possible to make custom masks but you can’t cut something out that’s moving and with a complicated shape. My suggestion is that you should add a new custom mask filter which would allow you to make custom masks in SC with keyframes on the video player much like in Adobe Premiere. It could be like an easier way to make custom transitions and reworking/adding to the mask filter should make quite a lot of people’s lives better. I hope you consider this idea and add it in the future. Best of luck to you all.

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This is planned because the engine supports it, but we have not yet written the vector drawing user interface for it.
This is also known as roto mask, roto spline, and rotoscope


I’m glad to hear! ty! ^-^

Glad to hear, is there a possible release date on when the roto mask, roto spline, and rotoscope is releasing?

The next version 22.06 (release candidate coming today, release by end of June) integrates a vector animation program called Glaxnimate to provide this feature. Here is the demo video:

Except since this video the filter has been renamed to Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) but you can also find it if you search “roto”.