Custom Layouts

I have always used custom workspaces but on my new computer when I open shotcut the workspace is not the same as what I was last using, even if I was last using a default workspace. It used to remember my last used workspace on my other windows 10 laptop.
My computer is a windows 11 and I am running shotcut 23.05.14

Are you referring to Layout in Shotcut?

It still works but in this new version, on first startup, because of a major upgrade to the UI library, it does not load the old saved layout. I want to reduce the risk that an old layout causes a startup crash. As mentioned in the release notes, the old layout is saved as a custom layout for you to try to restore if you want.

Sorry, yes I am referring to layouts.
I have a custom layout (Best 4 Cuts) that I want to load automatically when I open shotcut. On my old computer is would do that.

Choose it, restart, and see if it loads as expected. Show screenshot before and after restarting.

Before restarting:

After restarting:

Ok now do the same thing without loading a project or anything at all. If shotcut crashes while exiting it may not save the layout, and you will not know that it has crashed.

Opened shotcut, applied custom layout:

Closed and reopened shotcut:

I wasn’t able to duplicate this issue until I turned Proxy on.
Now I have the same issue if Proxy is on or off.
I have not tried restarting my computer to see if it resets.

Yes I am using proxies. That is weird that even with proxy off now it doesn’t work for you.

To me, the layout issues are all about the timeline, and no other window.

I possibly found a workaround.
Delete/close all panels.

You’ll be left with this.

Close and reopen Shotcut then apply your favorite layout.
This works for me with Proxy on or off.

Thanks. So the arrangement is restored but not some of the sizes. This is similar to another report.

After a lot more testing, it appears that the New Project and Recent Projects default size overrides all layouts set. You are allowed to move panel borders beyond this minimum size required.

I only tested with leaving 23.05.14 installed and tested a few prior portable versions. Same behavior with 22.12.21 and 22.10.09. Proxy left on for all testing.

Layout selected

After shutting down and only starting Shotcut by double-clicking on the project file name.

At first, I thought it was just the timeline. I was wrong. Normally I don’t have anything to the right of the viewer.

Perhaps have a layout override function (like a tickbox) to force/ignore player width/height.

Oh, that is a great observation! Of course, these have some minimum size requirements. However, that does not explain @BobBanana 's last pair of screenshots. I have a suspicion that this is due to a change I had to make to prevent a crash on startup if the window is maximized. However, I am also puzzled why I do not reproduce it.

Perhaps have a layout override function (like a tickbox) to force/ignore player width/height.

We use a Qt function that makes a total snapshot to save and restore it. So, this suggestion is not really possible unless we try to write our own, which would probably introduce more bugs.

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