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I’m a new user and have been experimenting with the functions of the software and watching quite a few tutorials on Youtube, but this one I haven’t managed to figure out on my own.

Let’s say I want to make a video of a workout and I want to track the completion of some movements on a customized frame next to the video itself with some animation / text that changes over time. To make it more clear, I want something like in this video (between 0:08 and 0:36):

Any idea how can I achieve this? Can I do this in Shotcut or should I look for an alternative solution?

Thanks a lot guys!

For this example I used the following:
Multiple Video Tracks
Filter: Crop: Rectangle
Filter: Text: Simple
Filter: Mask: Simple Shape
Filter: Size and Position
Filter: Color Grading
Filter: Blue: Expotential
Keyframes Simple & Advanced

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Can you provide mlt, and other files to reproduce your example on my side ?

Something weird happened with the MLT as I closed Shotcut.
Until the MLT can be repaired, I don’t want to post it here.
I’ll be submitting a bug report on the MLT later on today.

I’ll try to recreate something that doesn’t require source files, just won’t be as flashy.

Submitted a bug report here. Thinking Crop:Rectangle has a bug with it.

For this example On V2: Crop: Rectangle is not used, for the Solid color I used Size & Position but for an actual source video/photo, use Crop: Source.

4lines.mlt (16.3 KB)

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The main difficult here is the infographics animation. Shotcut is not so good for that. Yeah, you can try as @Hudson555x has, but probably better off to find a 2D animation program to use. You can even use a presentation program like Powerpoint. Regardless of what you choose if you struggle to export it into something Shotcut can use you can always do a screen recording of it playing within the other program.

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