Custom export

on export list is a custom, but can it not be kept after exit shotcut in a ini? with the
exception to let the width, height, ratio how video got loaded. but frame rate should
stay set (especially comma 30.000), kbps, audio, type [mp4], bilinear.

You can save your own preset, using the “+” button in the lower - left corner of the export vindow,

Custom is just your current preset with your modifications, when you click a preset, custom will get the settings from the stock preset.
So select a stock preset, make optional modification and press “+” to save to a name by your own choice

In addition to what TimLau said, if you want some settings to get filled in automatically (like resolution from the current project) after you press the + button, you need to delete those lines from the popup that appears, otherwise if there’s 1920x1080 somewhere in the text, it will use that and you’ll need to manually change it later.

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thank you, that was great

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