Custom Export Presets Fail

So I have tried to make custom Profiles for exporting videos with the recommended Youtube resolutions and other settings but the exported file does not come out readable as a video file. When making a custom profile I start with the Youtube default profile then make small tweaks like resolution and save as a new profile. When I go to use that profile, the final product is not readable as a video. But, when I go to export the video using the Youtube default Profile, with applied modifications to settings, the video comes out fine. If this could be looked into I would be very happy. Thank you.

Please explain precisely which tweaks you are applying and perhaps even supply a sample file which was encoded/exported with those tweaks.
Also, it’s useful to know which version of shotcut you refer to and which operating system you are using.

I have created several custom profiles, all have worked just fine.

It appears as though the problem is resolved if I add the file type: .mp4 or other type to the end of the name when saving. But I was expecting it to automatically make it mp4 type as it saved as per the format setting the profile was set to. Changes to were Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Aspect ratio: 16:9 FPS: 60 At minimum testing the problem. The version I am using is 17.06.01. I could not attach a sample as it was made as just a file and is unable to be accepted to upload.

Yes, once you move away from defaults, Shotcut doesn’t automatically add the file type extension. Just check this each time you export. :slight_smile:

I see… X3 could that possibly be added though? Would save the possibility of making a mistake a little more.

Yes, but not easily - quite a bit of work actually due to software layers and combinations of formats and extensions. Thus, it is quite low in priority due to low return on investment.
In any case, when making a custom export preset, you can edit it (the text of it) before saving. In that text field, you can add a line like this to set an extension:

Thanks for the extension. It cleared it up. Just a question, couldn’t you basically add something that checks what type you have it set to, then have it add the extension that you provided here, replaced with the checked file type that its set to? Like how you have it to autofill in resolution and such, just with file type? I don’t know much about it, but I thought it could be a slightly simple way to do it.

Hi all,

Witch extension shoud i use vor mp4/H264



If you have a line “f=mp4”, then set meta.preset.extension=mp4
In your Shotcut program directory, look in subfolder share/mlt/presets/consumer/avformat to see the definition of all “Stock” presets for examples.

Where do i find my Customer Profiles?

Left side of the Export panel, click +

O.k. but what i mean was where are the custumer profil files on my pc? In which folder do i find them.

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