Custom and Pre Made Animations for clips

So today I was editing my first clip ever in shot cut, and I noticed that unlike many other editing tools, this doesn’t seem to have the feature to make a motion for the selected clip. For example if I wanted to edit in a goofy hat, I couldn’t make the hat guide with my head to make it generally look like I was actually wearing the hat. I also found out that you can’t even use pre made animations, like sliding in, or bouncing across the screen. So could the team of shotcut consider adding in animation making?

Also I would like to request that you would make it so I could edit the file while also able to view the clip that was layered under if you could. As in the past I’ve had problem with separate editing away from the timeline because I couldn’t see where the image or video was actually gonna go until I backed out of the screen and back to the timeline.

Shotcut doesn’t do Key frames, so your first suggestion isn’t possible.

I’ll let so meone else respond to your second suggestion as I don’t understand your meaning.