Cursor Color change in Text Box


I have a strange question but it is really important to me. When I try to add a Text box the blinking cursor where I can locate the text is black and not white. A black cursor on a dark/black background is not very useful. Can you please let me know how I can change color of blinking cursor? I know from a other user the cursor is white and not black.

Thanks a lot!

The cursor was white in version 22.12.21 (and older) and now white in v23.06.
There is now way to change it in the Shotcut settings for the users.

I agree that now that it is black, it is very hard to see it most of the time.

It is actually supposed to be both black and white at the same time to handle most differently colored backgrounds! For the astute reader, here is the fix I am making for the next version, and you can change the installed file if you know how:

--- src/qml/filters/richtext/vui.qml
+++ src/qml/filters/richtext/vui.qml
@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ Shotcut.VuiBase {
                         id: cursor
                         visible: textArea.cursorVisible
-                        width: 2 / scale
+                        width: 4 / scale
                         color: 'white'
                         border.color: 'black'
                         border.width: 1
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Thanks a lot for your help! Please keep in mind shotcut is used by users who are not fimilar to change with log files. Please make it easy as possible. It would be a greate help in my opinion if you can add an option in the settings under the theme section to choose color of cursors.

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You won’t have anything to do. The cursor color will be fixed in the next version of Shotcut.

But if you are in a hurry, fixing the cursor on your version of Shotcut is not that difficult.
I’ll provide instructions for you if you want.
Note though that I’m on Windows, and I know where to find the file that needs fixing.
I’m not sure what are the paths to that file on Linux or MacOS

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