Curious, not totally related to shotcut (¼ is related)

I have used a 19GB (or something around it) file as the biggest file in shotcut, I am going to buy a new a 8k camera for my girlfriend, and have decided to also use it myself for some videos, I came to know that 1 min of a 8k video is around 2-3 GB, What is the largest file size you have used? For eg:- 100GB, 1TB, 100TB, 1PB, 100000YB, etc. Because my videos in future would be definitely very long (because I plan to use it for recording clips of my marriage, and more) the videos would be around 10-80TB raw footage if I take a estimate of the whole month or months. I am just curious to know that how much big file size shotcut can support, I think it being a nonsense question to ask but, the sky also ends at a point (That’s why sky is the limit was a movie in India). Finally what’s the maximum shotcut can support on a desktop with the spec below:-

System specs:- Intel® Core™ i9-10900X X-series Processor (19.25M Cache, 3.70 GHz) with 256 GB Ram and a single GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER on msi creator X299 motherboard.

The camera would be a blackmagic 12k or canon EOS R5

I would go for a dedicated storage server. Stack plenty of SSD.

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I already know that, I have even told a person about getting a server in the forum only, I just want to know what is the largest file size that my system can support.

I have lot of unused SSD’s in the house, I will be buying a server at the same time when I buy the camera.

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The biggest file I have used is about 350 GB

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Ok, I need to wait for the time to see if <10 TB works.

If 1 min is 2-3GB, you’ll use up 10TB in almost no time. Good luck

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That also depends on the bitrate I choose, maybe the file size would be larger than what I expected.

I regularly use multiple 100gb files, but at those resolutions you may want to use proxies and store the originals on a storage server as @Sheep said with a 10gig link between server and workstation(cheap enough these days)

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Yes, Just around some 15,000$ :thinking: :thinking:. Server costs around 1grand, but I have just 20 ssd’s with me, and the next 100 ain’t going to be a small expense.

Now I also need to have some physical storage to store the storage server storing all of the data that has to be stored then used and again the new file stored on a storage server storing all of my data that has to be stored :wink:.

1grand for a server is overkill unless you’ve gone all NVME, for 20 ssds you’d need maybe ~200-300 for a used cse216 barebones then another 200 or so for ram, cpu’s and a 10gig card(about 40 bucks on ebay) plus a 10gig card in the workstation, and maybe a switch unless your data network is just point to point

That means more ram,

I already message @kagsundaram that I am going to get a server with 6TB ram in my old days by saving up dimes now (Because he told me that he is saving dimes to get 256GB ram). Isn’t 256GB enough to edit, that I already have. talking about SSDs, all of mine are NVMEs, and it costs around 120$ in India for 1TB of it. 120*250= 30,000$. Isn’t that stopping me from buying that 6 TB of ram, also it comes around 14% of the total money that I am going to spend on my marriage. Leave me, god! or she will not marry me soon because of my poverty.

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