Crossfade with Keyboard shortcut?

I’m making a photo slideshow.
The only real time consuming problem I don’t have a solution for is dragging the next photo over the last photo for -00:00:15.

Any keyboard shortcut that I could prehaps create that would 1) remove the space (right click, remove), 2) drag photo over previous for -00:00:15?

I should add that if what I’m asking for dosen’t exist, an alternative would be to lock the intervals of cross fade e.g. -00:00:05, -00:00:10, -00:00:15

You can’t create keyboard shortcuts in Shotcut. Need to use what is available.

To automatically remove the space created after you overlap the images turn on Ripple trim and drop.


Update. I am now using mouse keys built into Windows. It helps and reduces time wasted but still not perfect.

IMO the overlap method that you’re using for your slideshow is not the best method to use. Before key frames and the additional filters that have been added to Shotcut it was probably the way to go but now there are more options.

An alternate method to the overlap method is to use two tracks.

  1. Put all your images on V2 using the add all to timeline function.

  2. Move every other image to V3.

  3. Overlap the upper image over the lower track images.

  4. Apply opacity filter to the upper image key framing it to start from 0% then go to 100% at the beginning of the clip to fade in. For the end of the clip fade out going from 100% to 0%. You could also use fade in fade out filters instead of opacity. Or you could use the mask from file filter and key frame that.

  5. Once you have the filter set up, simply copy the filters and paste them to each clip.

Track layout.


Key framed opacity filter.


Or you can put all the images on the timeline. Split each clip at the duration you want for the transition. Then move all the split sections to an upper track and position them over the preceding clip. Enable ripple trim and drop to close the spaces. If you want a simple dissolve apply an opacity filter to the split clip and key frame it from 0% to 100% then just copy the filter to all the other clips. You can also use the mask from file filter and key frame it to create wipes.



This requires a bit of work but it’s easier than using the overlap method and you have more flexibility and control over the transitions.

how to “copy the filter to all the other clips”?

What’s V2 and V3?

Copy filters.


Paste filters.


Video tracks.

@sauron thank you for help thus far. I’ve currently experiemnting with the second method you mentioned. With this method, I really wished there was keyboard shortcuts for 1) moving selected clip to the above track 2) changing the selected clip 3) keyboard shortcut for pasting filter or a different approach to video track wide filter.

Here’s a keyboard sequence you can use.

Enable Ripple drag and trim.

Move the play head to the beginning of the first small clip. Ctrl right arrow to select it. Ctrl-X to cut. Up arrow to move to the upper track. Ctrl-V to paste. Down arrow once. Alt-right arrow once. Ctrl-right arrow to select the next clip. Ctrl-X to cut. Up arrow to move to the upper track. Ctrl-V to paste.

Keep repeating until all the clips are on the upper track. Select the very first small clip. Use the mouse to drag it so it overlaps the first clip. All the clips to the right will be moved left and you’re done.



You should take a look at this page for all the keyboard shortcuts.

No keyboard shortcuts for that.

Thanks, @sauron, for your detailed posts on this. Got myself a few more handy techniques … :grinning::grinning::+1:

A proper solution for that will be to set a default transitions duration and than by selecting all images on the track and a feature to “apply that transition to all”

Just to confirm, this is only a fantasy/wish right? like this is actually not possible in the current version of shotcut right?

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