Cross-hatching with Vectors

I am happy to share with you my new 2nd video featuring Inkscape and AxiDraw, needless to say, all video editing was done with Shotcut!
It follows from Hatching with Vectors.

I hope you’ll like it.



Some nice animations going on in the video - I particularly like the counter-rotation effect in the title. I presume it was done with the Rotate and Scale filter, is that right?

I used Inkscape some years ago for an app I was working on and found it a bit daunting at first. But having watched a few tutorials on the web it became easier to use. Keep up the good work.

Yesterday I realized that Shotcut also allows to include SVG (Vector) files in the project.

It’s great because the graphics are so sharp, even with very large enlargements.
I agree with @Elusien on the nice visual rotation effect of the titles.
Congratulations and good work. :+1:

Hi Elusien.
Thanks for the compliments.
I did use Inkscape to create the graphic assets, but the actual animation was done with Blender 3D. I like them both very much, as much as Shotcut.

Thank you for the nice compliments ejmillan :slight_smile:
I am glad you both liked it.

Hi @DBP, I enjoyed watching (just as I liked your first video). I’m getting quite a bit of “glitching” on the picture though (like flashing bars across the screen). Noticeable around 5:10 onwards and sporadically later. I presume this is not intentional?

Your voice is very clear again.
One question - at 0:07 the “doggy bag” small logo seems to bounce in quickly - good effect, did you do it with precise keyframes of the size/position filter?
Good work :grin:

I am so glad you do, and thank you so much for sharing it :slight_smile:

I’m getting quite a bit of “glitching”

I wish that was intentionally! By the time I had noticed I had put too many work-hours to redo it. At first I thought it was a problem specific to the capture program I used (Vokoscreen), but I was getting it with OBS too. I was in Linux Mint then. I will do a test with OBS in Windows 10 today and see how that goes.

the “doggy bag” small logo seems to bounce in quickly - good effect,…

That’s right, I just used the S&P keyframes. I will come back later to post info about the keyframes.
Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

A feeling I know only too well! You spend HOURS on something and then discover something not quite right… by which time you have no time to rectify it… :sleepy:
I empathise with you :disappointed_relieved:

So the results of this test were perfect. No flickering whatsoever!
It makes me suspect the Nvidia driver for Linux :frowning:
I’ll have to look into that.
And in the mean time, come to Windows 10 just to do the video-capturing :frowning: (Oh well! At least I have the option).

I’ll come back later with the info on the animation keyframes (when I can go back to Linux).


You can have a close look at the keyframes. The needed files are attached herein.
Let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Bag dbp-alias447w Pin Logo Anim - Repaired.mlt (5.7 KB)

Thanks, @DBP, I’ll have a look at what you did. :+1:

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