Cropping Video

How can I export a video without the black band created after cropping?

In this case I need to remove 34 px at the top

Hi @nanni61

In version v23.11 BETA (see here), a new Apply to Source button was added to the Crop: Rectangle filter.

Here a capture of the description, with instructions, taken from the release page:

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Tried v23.11 BETA but it also doesn’t work…

If ‘Apply to Source’ doesn’t cut the black band above but adds two to the sides.

I don’t understand why it has to be so complicated to crop a video.

Don’t dismiss the possibility of a user error too quickly!

You’re not exactly cropping a video like one would do with cropping a photo.

Rather you need to set the Video Mode before loading any images or videos before you start, like a painter would start with a blank physical canvas.

I don’t know your file specifications, other than you need to make a 34px difference from the original. So I made up my own specifications for demonstration. I made a 1920x1080 image with a 34px bar at the top (imitating your posted image).

Step 1) Make a Custom Video Mode

Step 2) Open media

Step 3) Apply Crop: Source filter

Source image:
Image I used for this example:

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