Cropping a video to custom resolution with keyframe panning

I normally do video cropping in avidemux but I now need to crop a 1080p video of a football player moving from right to left in the frame, remove everything to the left and right of a 800 pixel wide area around the player and export it to a custom resolution (so the exported video will have a resolution of 800x1080).

I got a really nice result using the crop: rectangle filter, but of course found it doesn’t change the dimensions of the resulting video and crop: source doesn’t do keyframes.

Reading the forum I see references to using the Size, Position & Rotate filter to achieve what I’m after, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to crop a video using it; All I can seem to do is scale it up and down and move it around the frame.

Any pointers on what I’m missing would be appreciated.

Edit: I’m using v 22.12.21, if that makes a difference.

Vous voulez que votre vidéo finale (exportée) fasse 800x1080.
Il est impératif de définir les dimensions de votre projet avec ces valeurs, AVANT toute autre action.
Ensuite, vous pouvez ajouter votre vidéo 1920x1080 et lui appliquer un filtre Taille position et rotation afin de la positionner comme vous le souhaitez.

You want your final (exported) video to be 800x1080.
It is imperative to set the dimensions of your project to these values, BEFORE any other action.
Then you can add your 1920x1080 video and apply a Size Position and Rotation filter to position it as you wish.


Would you like to see such a result? Did I understand you correctly?


Ah, that is perfect! The bit I was missing was also setting the custom aspect ratio when setting the custom resolution. Many thanks for the video - saw some other useful bits in there too.

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