Crop & size/position filters

I’m doing some editing that requires crop:rectangle to maintain frame size and size/position to help match the subject from various clips. Both of these seem to require keyframes to make the frame size and subject size and placement look reasonably consistant.

Is there any way to synchronize these functions, so as not to have to jump back and forth at each keyframe stop? or are there other filters which may accomplish this in a more straightforward way?


I’m not quite sure what you are trying to achieve, but the Crop: Rectangle filter and the Size, Position & Rotate filter are completely separate. As such there is no way to “synchronise” their keyframes automatically. You will have to keep doing what you do now - edit the keyframe in one, then jump to the other filter and edit the keyframe in that one.

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I was afraid you’d say that - hoping for a miracle. But thanks for responding - I appreciate it.


Using markers might help maybe?
Rearange your layout to make both timeline and the keyframes visible.
Place a marker at each keyframe of one filter.
Add another filter and use the markers to synch the keyframes.


Can you share a clip or screenshot of what you are trying to achieve, maybe there is another way to do it without keyframes on both filters

@rpetrie - You don’t need a miracle when @MusicalBox is here to help.

Once again a brilliant display of technique by @MusicalBox :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Wow! Thanks for these kind words @Devin_Chopra :open_mouth:

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Thanks MusicalBox for your reply. I’m afraid I didn’t explain what I need very well - see my reply to TimLau. However, this is a nifty technique which I will borrow and use often.


I don’t see your reply to @TimLau :woozy_face:

Hi TimLau - I’m working with video of an interview subject - many pieces of which are formatted differently. In some cases, I’m trying to establish a common frame and subject size so different clips don’t seem so, well, different.

Attached are 3 random frames taken from a recent news cast. If the subject is depicted in image 1, it would be easy to establish a reasonably common frame and subject size between images 1 & 2. However, Image 3 shows the subject in a completely different focus.

Using the crop:rectangle and size, position filters I can obtain reasonable concurrence among the 3 images, but it is tedious and imprecise. I’m hoping that there’s an easier way to manipulate these clips, or a filter that combines enough of the function of the 2 I’m using.

Help greatly appreciated,

Do you want the 2 subject in Image 3 to fit into the same frame (50% & 50%) as image 2.?

That would look very strange, how a scene is filmed and how a shot is framed is important to the story you want to tell. Image 3 is a more natural way to show an interview with both people in then frame.
Image 2 is like a video meeting and feel very unnatural, it will feel more natural to cut between the interviewer and subject, depending on who is talking.
Think of a movie how they switch between different camera angles, zoom levels, framing to make things interesting,
From a editing point is is easier to using cuts to switch to where you want the viewers attentions, make L & J cuts to the audio is also good with interviews.
Trying to fit to people in the same frame recorded in different places, will look like a video call (like image 2) and it don’t make the viewer fell like they are in the same room the people

Sorry, no, maybe not a good example. My point is that the person common to each of these photos (the woman) is roughly the same size and can be framed to look similar in photos 1 & 2. Photo 3 would require both cropping and sizing to be even similar; the aspect is different (no full head-on) but my question is how to make the image in the 3rd photo look somewhat natural to the other 2.

As always, thanks for the response and for thinking about my problem.

One way to do an edit on interveiw like in image 3, is like this,

This could also work

Thank you TimLau for setting up these example strategies. I think I’ve got an area to pursue now. Your second example - a little deep for me - will give me some other areas to explore and broaden my understanding of what’s possible.

Thanks again,

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One further thing concerning the crop:rectangle. I find that executing the c:r first is much easier - create the frame then move the image into it. Works most of the time.

I know that the c:r has gadgets that look like the fine controls (which would be nice) on the size, position filter, but neither the up/down arrows, nor the numbers seem to modify the position or the size of the crop. Am I missing something or are these just informational?

As always, thanks,

It is a bug, it is fixed in next version of shotcut, currently in beta

Thank you TimLau

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