"Crop: Rectangle" not loading on Fedora 38?


for some reason, some presets don’t seem to be loading when using the Shotcut version that comes packaged in Fedora. I noticed “Crop: Rectangle” in particular was missing because I was using “Crop: Source” and couldn’t get rid of the black bars without resizing (which I don’t want to do), and googling around I read “Crop: Rectangle” had a transparency preset instead, but the plugin wasn’t available in my case.

If I check the Application Log, I see this:

[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "crop" "meta.qml" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "Crop: Source" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "crop" "meta_movit.qml" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "Crop: Source" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "crop_circle" "meta.qml" 
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "crop_rectangle" "meta.qml" 

which suggests the filters are there (both Rectangle and Circle), but unlike “Crop: Source” only the metadata is read for them, and then they don’t proceed. Unfortunately that’s the extent of details the log provides (no errors, no warnings), so I have no idea if they don’t load because something crashes, there’s missing dependencies, or something different happens.

If I use the Linux portable tar version of Shotcut, the filters are loaded and do appear, but unfortunately other problems pop up, like some files not being found when I open my project (although they’re there) and some videos being completely white (which I guess is related to decoder issues or incompatibilities in the libraries the portable version ships), which means I can’t use that one.

Is there any way to figure out (maybe with more debugging) why some filters don’t load, or that one specifically, so that I can try and solve that in my setup?


That could be due to a bug in MLT for a couple of versions before the last two versions. As for your portable problems, make sure you use the launch script and do not run bin/shotcut directly. The preferred build on Fedora by far is the flatpak.

Thanks for the reply, and apologies for this awfully late response! I was abroad and then kept busy by some work.

Unfortunately the launch script didn’t fix the issues: I still see some “not found” resources, and those videos that were completely white still are. I must admit I’m not a fan at all of flatpak & co, with their tons of duplicated dependencies, but I’ll give it a go anyway, thanks!

Hi, I tried the flatpak version of Shotcut and that one does indeed fix the missing/white resources, thanks! I also do see the missing Crop filters now, even though Crop:Rectangle with transparency doesn’t seem to be working as expected. I’ll open a different thread for that, though, in order not to derail this one.

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