Crop not working after update

Hello! I just downloaded the new update and cropping is now not working- video will crop but I cannot remove black. I tried Chroma Key just to check, that didn’t work. Any suggestions?

PS I don’t have GPU on

There are 3 crop filters, but you did not specify.

I’ve tried all three. Turned alpha channel to zero on all three. None are working

You need to provide a lot more information because they all work. Are you putting something on top of something using multiple tracks? Are you trying to change the size and aspect ratio of a single video? You should include a screenshot. I will not be available to help further. Someone else please help after more info is provided.

I’m overlaying two videos- talking head over gameplay. Did this same crop yesterday with no issue- it is a circle crop to the bottom right. I have two video tracks and two audio tracks. I am not changing the size or aspect ratio of either video, simply cropping and positioning while I am talking over gameplay.

If someone else could help that would be great. This issue only started today when I updated to the latest version.

It is a simple issue. That is why I have nothing to say. Alpha channel set to zero. Also, after double checking, I no longer have the simple crop option. I now have access to Circle and Rectangle, thats it. Does this have to do with me updating the program this morning? Because this is when it started. I have done this process multiple times, I do not adjust ratios I use size and position to place the cropped video over gameplay and that is it. I’d rather you not reply again you are really rude.

I don’t know how to describe this issue, but here is video for anyone else who may be able to help.

edit: restarting brought back crop source so maybe i’ll just keep restarting until it works again.

Audio filters. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to get from this reply ? Should I turn those off?

Edit: turned them off no change.

Either I’ll figure it out or uninstall and reinstall, bye

9 Times out of 10 people have applied a filter on track headers or Output/Master that they did not intend to put there.

It looks like you have more tracks, it’s unknown if they are audio tracks. Looks like you have two labeled V1 so it’s hard to determine if the bottom most track is not hidden or has an unintended filter applied to it’s track header.

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