crop filter not found in the filter list

Hello everyone, and thank you for welcoming me to this forum.
I wanted to make a mosaic effect on part of the video. Unfortunately, I don’t have the crop effect in the list of shotcut software I just downloaded. This is the latest version.
How can I retrieve this filter?
Thank you in advance for your answers and sorry for my poor English

Make sure you have a clip selected, then click on filters.
Search for the filter in your language.

Here is a post similar to yours here:

a clip is indeed selected. The crop filter is not in the list.
I downloaded an old version where crop appears. Thank you

All three crop filters show up for me in the latest version: 20.07.11

Maybe you are looking in the Favorite tab instead of the Video tab of the Filters section ?
The Favorite tab displays only a few filters by default (I think). All the filters available are visible in the Video and Audio tabs

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