Crop a video = remove blackbars

Yes, I read some articles about that annoying topic: filter crop: source or crop:rectangle or size, position and rotation. Change the video format to a non-broadcast. Nothing works at the end. I guessed the problem was the size and aspect ratio…you can guess. it doesnt work either.
Here is my video: 4.2 MB file on MEGA
Obviously the blackbars at the top and bottom are the problem and the size should be smaller than 460x816 (I guess 460x 590). Who can do it and how are you do it?

Why is this little and popular problem so difficult? If I want to crop an image, I can do it on Irfan View with one hotkey

Hi @gracjanski

Someone just posted a similar topic here:

I guess the answer will also apply to your problem

I didnt have the apply to source button, so I updated my shotcut and now it works perfectly
thank you for the answer

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