Crop a screen recording to a 400x400 square cause errors

I made a 30 second screen recording in 1366x768. I want to crop it to a size of 400x400 pixels and save it as a h.265 video clip, without scaling. I had to combine.
I added the Crop filter, calculated with Excel how much pixels I have to crop to get 400x400.
Next I edited the Video Mode to 400x400, to get an output of this size.
Now I can save the recording, and the video works fine. No scaling, crispy sharp image.

But after applying this settings I couldn’t apply any more filters, like adding some Text.
Shotcut behaves strangely after changing the Video Mode. If I applied the custom Video Mode “400x400” before cropping the image, I wouldn’t get exact a 400x400 part of the 1366x768 px recording.
I don’t want the image to be scaled.

This up is a workaround to prevent the video from scaling when cropping.
I have found a temporarily solution for this editing bugs. Just save the file and restart Shotcut.

This happens to me sometimes. The best bet is to just save your project (not export) first and then restart shotcut. Open the project and it should be ok. Remember, if there is a small glitch with shotcut, a save and restart is probably best thing to do. You can then report the glitch if you want.

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