Creative tip: create a cool coloured video background with natural gradients

Here’s an idea I just had to create a cool coloured video background with natural gradients.

  1. Take a photo of clear sky. Try to capture a portion of sky with naturally occuring gradient colours:

  2. Import into SC, add to timeline and apply a color grading filter. Then tweak the settings slightly. Dramatic colour changes can be achieved with tiny adjustments!

  3. Apply a rotate and scale filter. Firstly zoom in to remove the tree and clouds (bottom of original). Then use keyframes to achieve a gently rotating/zooming effect. Export as an mp4.

  1. Use this a background for smaller photos/videos etc.

(TIP: try not to include an aeroplane in your shot like I did… ) (If you look carefully the small white streak is a plane…) :grinning::grinning:

PS I tried to tag this post as a “tutorial” but I can’t find the option in the drop-down list…


Thanks a lot!

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