Creating Shotcut Desktop Icon - W10

I’ve got W10 Pro n ow installed. Not a big fan.

I downloaded and installed shotcut to the hard driver.

There is no desktop icon for it.

If I search in W10 in that bottom search box for all programs display no shotcut.

If I visit with File Explorer the hard drive I see under Program Files a folder titled shotcut.

In that folder there are many shotcut files including a file named shotcut.exe.

If I click on that file, it launches shotcut.

If I place the mouse over that .exe file and drag it to the desktop to serve as a icon and then press on that newly created icon it it won’t open shotcut.

How does one create a shotcut icon on a W10 desktop?

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I don’t see Shotcut listed in the list of Program along the left screen and it doesn’t appear when I search in the search screen I can find a folder within in File Explorer. Still not clear how to create the icon as I can click on the shotcut.exe but if I drag that file to the desktop and then click on it won’t open. Got to be ans easy way to iinstall and then have it reachable

Never cared for the Win 10 start menu. I use classic shell.
You can try right-clicking the application in file manager and use send to> to create a desktop icon.



The challenge is shotcut doesn’t display anywhere except when I go searching in File Folder so I can’t Send to.
Is there anyway to install Shotcut with a checkmark next to Install Desktop icon like other open source software?

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Le 24/02/2020 à 23:08, charles meyer a écrit :

I downloaded the latest version of VLC Media Player for Windows 10. It
only seemed available in a zip format – is there any .exe version?

Yes, this is normally the default one available to download:

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The installer version will create an icon in the start menu. The zip version will not.


Hi Sauron,

Would you please share the direct link to shotcut’s installer version?

That way I’ll install that and it will hopefully create a W10 desktop icon I can click on to open shotcut?

Thank you.
The installer will NOT create a desktop icon. It will create an icon in the start menu.


For the next version, I added to the installer a checkbox to add a desktop icon (on the same page/step with other checkboxes).

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That was the file I downloaded originally and clicked the .exe to install but it never shows up when I click All Programs in W10. The only place I can find that .exe file or anything re: shotcut is when I use File Explorer and find it in folder. Every other program I downloaded and installed - e.g. VLC Media Player, Libre Office shows up in All Programs so I just click on it and I can Send to Desktop or the taskabr. It’s not clear how I get shotcut to show up in All Programs or click the “Windows” flag" to reveal it. I just want to be able to open shotcut as a desktop icon, in a list of the All Programs or the taksbar. Can anyone please help wit this? Thanks.

Is that next version available and fully Beta tested?

Thank you for all your good and hard work that’s so appreciated.

Perhaps you have turned off “Show app list in Start menu” in Settings

I do not see anything in my Windows 10 labelled “All Programs.” I searched for it on Google, and this interesting article came up. In particular see “Notes”:

Yet still nothing about “All Programs.”

Another interesting search result shows a long thread indicating there used to be a button or menu item such as this in Windows 7, and a now difficult-to-find “All Apps” in Windows 10 is not exactly the same thing and not necessarily “all”. So, it seems to depend on your version of Windows 10, or it is Microsoft’s fault and may have been fixed in some “November Update” (the year is ambiguous).

Wow, I never knew Windows 10 has (had?) this fundamental problem! Maybe I need to default the new installer desktop icon checkbox on even though it bothers me and many others to have apps trying to put their self on the desktop.

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