Creating shape for Mask file


I like to make my own shape for Mask file, mainly for cool transitions. I tried to make an mp4 but I didn’t get the desired result.

How is the built in shapes made? Is it mp4 or some image?

Our very own @bentacular made an excellent tutorial on what you’re wanting to do.

The manual filter is Mask: Simple Shape, which you can pick from square, triangle, diamond, or eclipse. You can add more than one Mask:Simple Shape filter to make unique shapes.


That’s a nice tutorial but I would like a smooth transition. I think I have to work on that mp4 transition video.

I do wonder how transitions is implemented in ShotCut, because with the built in transitions you can specify edge softness and it can be of different lengt.

Thanks for the shoutout!

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You can also use a video file instead of an image, similar to the technique used in this tutorial

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