Creating a random collage of video clips

I need to create a short video of a virtual choir. Many individuals create video clips with their smartphones, and I want to compose them to a collage video. I want to have several different collages (changing every few seconds), each of them consisting of approx. 20 clips.
Is there a way to do this conveniently in shotcut? However I could make up 20 tracks and apply the “Size and Position Filter” manually. I did that for another video which only needed 3x3 sub-clips, which was a tremendous amount of work. Thinking of the need to repeat that for every few seconds tells me that this can’t be the right approach.
Any ideas?

The only way I could think of doing it without performing the same actions over and over again in shotcut for the different collages, would be to do it for one collage, then copy the MLT file and edit it, changing the names of the source video files.

Here’s what I would do:
You make yourself a grid template. To make it quick and easy, activate a grid in your preview window (16x16). The snap function should also be activated.
With S&P-Filter you can position the individual tracks in the rectangles.
Since 20 tracks have to fit into one grid, you can switch the preview grid to a finer resolution and trim the S&P rectangles until they fit.
A bit of math is also required. :smiley:

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