Creating a link for MLS from shotcut video

Hi…I’m a realtor and need to create a link that I can copy and paste into my MLS system. I’m not techy by any means, so the only link I’ve been able to do so far has been through Youtube, and I don’t really want all the youtube stuff surrounding my video online. How can I create a link…I think it has to start with “http…” right? My videos that I’ve exported and saved won’t copy and paste this way.

Are you wanting to the video link as text in your video?

Sounds more like you’re wanting a video link from YouTube, but don’t want the YouTube in the link description. As far as I know YouTube doesn’t provide that service. I have no idea what the MLS system is, but if you publish to YouTube you’ll have a YouTube address. If you go to Creator Studio - Video Manager - Info & Settings (on that video) it will give you a shortened link, but it still has 'youtube" in the link.

Perhaps you’re wanting a URL shortener service:

Either way Shotcut doesn’t handle URL’s.

Most free online web video services do not let you get a completely plain web page or one with custom branding. You can try using a cloud drive provider like Google Drive or Dropbox. They might provide a minimal web page experience that is good enough for you.

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