Creating a GIF that's no larger than an MP4?

Have edited a 90 minute mp4 video file (just under 1 gig size) to about 5 minutes. If I export it as an MP4, the final size is about 100 megs - which would fit the limitation of the platform I need to post to. However that platform only accepts animated GIFs. If I take that same file with the same edits and leave everything on default, it creates an 880 meg GIF.

Is there any way to get Shotcut to export a GIF that’s a little closer to the size of the MP4 file?

Thanks in advance for your help.

For GIF you typically want to reduce resolution and frame rate. It has poor compression for video.

My suggestion is to use Sharex to capture a screenshot of your movie as a GIF. Not sure if this would give a smaller size though, it’s just a thought.

I can take the MP4 that Shotcut creates, and send it through and end up with only a 300mb file, so that seems to be a better option for now. But guess this is where I need to look more at some other options unfortunately.

Photoshop has some good compression options for animated gifs.
Gimp may also have, but cannot confirm as hardly use gifs these days.

Just out of interest, what is the platform that only accepts animated gifs?
Seems a bit archaic or is there a good reason, considering the plethora of very
efficient video codecs available these days.

Reddit’s HighQualityGif subreddit. There are some other subreddits on there with similar restrictions - which if you think of where some of their user base is you can understand that they might want to be able to serve up content to older devices.

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