Create video from presentation in shoutcut?

Hi there,

I am writing here being fully aware that it might be a silly question to ask, but I don’t know where else to ask really :frowning: so here it goes:

since shotcut is soooo incredibly diverse, would it at all be possible to convert a presentation (incl video and audio) into an mp4 video? I’m using wps office software, but it only converts to *.ts which I think is *.mp2. When I first listened to the *.ts video it was such bad quality, that I have to use something better. There is nothing that wps would allow me to do in terms of increasing quality… I also tried converting it using microsoft ppt, but it had a problem converting it and it crashed. 4 times. So I gave up on it.

so is there any way at all to open this file in shotcut and convert it into an mp4 with lovely quality?

I am grateful for any ideas at all!!! :frowning:
Thank you very much in advance,


Hello Anna and welcome to the forum!

I am not that experienced myself in Shotcut, so I am not sure if this is possible or advisable to use Shotcut for.

For this purpose I use a free program called Screen Recorder Pro. It allows you to record specific windows on screen or specific areas of a screen into a video. Furthermore you will see mouse marker movements in video and you add your voice at the same time. I normally alter the mouse marker graphics in this case, so it is easier to be seen by someone looking the presentation afterword’s.


Hi Viggo, thank you for your reply!

I have slides with little videos and already recorded audio files in them, so a screen recorder would not be the best thing here :frowning:

Shotcut cannot read a presentation file such as xxx.pptx and create a video of the presentation slideshow. As Viggo pointed out, if you cannot create a decent video directly using WPS Office (or Microsoft Powerpoint) you will need to use a screen recorder to create your MP4. You can then use Shotcut to edit and enhance that video.

You could use Screen Recorder Pro or, as I do, use OBS Studio for doing similar things, see the following tutorial for how to do this with OBS:

this is breaking my brain :frowning: Thank you for you reply as well. My question has been answered.

I’m going to change my strategy! I’m going to make a video of myself talking and I’ll add the presentation slides as images into the video with shotcut. :metal:

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