Create video from images

Hi. I need to create a video from a folder with a lot of images. The images are made from a camera. This camera makes a loooong time lapse. I need to create a video from them. I can use Avidemux or anything else. But, is it possible with Shotcut? At the moment I tryed to open a folder with 2300 images. It crashed. The version is 18.8.04. Thanks.

Ok. I found the way by miself. For me is strongly important to use ONLY Shotcut. Because I want to do all by CUDA engine. I hate all software that doesn’t support it. With Shotcut I do all in seconds. I’ll describe what I did with my ShCt at version 18.08. I open only the first image of the time lapse serie. I have 2160 frames in Jpeg at the 90%. After opened it in the List of clips (I use the Italian version sorry if the elements name don’t match, sorry sorry :blush: ) I drag the image in the timeline. It is very very very simple to create a video from images. I select the image in the timeline until it is selected. At this point I click on the “Properties” slide near the List of Clips slide. It was simple and funny to put the FLAG on “Images Sequence” point. At that point ShCt reads the folder!!! But the timeline is still short!!! It doesn’t know if you WANT use all frames … I see the time of the video is set to 4 seconds. It is not true because 2160 images is not 4 seconds. SIMPLE FRIENDS! I drag the end of the timeline far from the beginning until it ends! Hear please: it ends at the real end! So the time of the video now should be: 2160/30fps = 1:26:10. If I press PLAY it goes from the beginning to the end. I added an audio track and I exported with my loved h264_nvenc!!! Thanks for reading!

You should do this before you add it to the timeline. Then, it will compute the duration automatically for you.

In the technology world, find software which can generate video from a collection of images. You can customize images according to the need of video format. First, set time duration between images, to generate video clip.

Hi Leesa. Shotcut does the job in the greatest way! It uses GPU instead of CPU minimizing the elaboration time in seconds instead of hours. For me Shotcut is the best solution for every needs about video elaborations since I have TWO powerfull GPUs in my computer. Thanks.

I am studing the way to create Slideshows for my photos. Usually I used Poshow in the past. The Proshow doesn’t use GPUs and it is only for Windows. I hate Windows because its limits. So I found in Shotcut the best alternative for both I’ve used in the past: KDenlive and ProShow Gold. And I am happy with my computer!

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