Create curved lines for keyframes on filters

Currently as far as I know, keyframes can only be linked by lines such as this

It would be possible to create much better looking filter changes, particularly for size and position, if curved lines could be used to join keyframes, for example:


I use a program for making music where you can use custom equations to control the curve of a variable which is extremely useful. It would be really cool to have in Shotcut too.

If you can actually do all this, please let me know how, thanks.

Try to make a rightclick on a keyframe point and choose another keyframe type instead of linear. Is this what you’re looking for?

Sadly that doesn’t seem to do anything as far as I can tell

Using “smooth” key frames will create an effect similar to what you describe. It is not graphically represented on the graph, but the resulting behaviour/movement will be smoothed out during transitions between key frames.
I experimented with this a couple of months ago using the video below. I just set up some random events with the size and position filter and ran them once in “linear mode” then again in “smooth” mode. The difference is quite noticeable.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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That helped me heaps! It would still be nice to have some kind of graphical representation of this on the graph.

PS That video is beautiful

There is. The shape of the keyframe point in Advanced Keyframe mode changes depending on if you pick Discrete (Square), Linear (Diamond) or Smooth (Circle).

It does depending on the parameter: if the parameter has a defined range of values. See Brightness, for example. Size and Position ranges are not defined ranges because you have something way off screen or much larger than screen (project resolution).

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I meant like a curve on the graph.