Create a text with Glaxnimate

Im trying for quite some time now to create a text in Glaxnimate, and I don´t seem to get it right. Has anyone got an example of just text in Glaxnimate? What Im trying to do:
Open Glaxnimate from ShotCut, click on the “text” tool, write a text and then just see it.
What happens is:
An object is created, it shows the text, but as soon as I click somewhere else the text disappears (the object of course remains)
When I start the animation - which should only show the text I`ve entered, it shows nothing.
When I insert a circle or rectangle it all works fine.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Jan3eich

After you select the Text tool, make sure that the Fill option is checked.


Thank you very much, that was just what I needed.