Create a Temporary FTP Server! (Edited in Shotcut with the subrip srt generator)

Need to quickly share some files but don’t have a permanent FTP server set up? No problem! I have made one video for it.

This is a great option for situations like:

  • Sending large files to other devices without internet
  • Sharing project assets with a phone you temporarily have
  • Transferring video files edited in Shotcut (of course!)

P.S. This video was edited using the awesome Shotcut with @Elusien subrip srt generator. And this is the first time I am using this tool publicly, it’s great. Thanks for the great tool.

And for anyone wondering about specs, it’s all edited on a slightly upgraded HP Pavilion p275il, 16GB ram (I occasionaly take the Dimms out for testbenches, originally 4GB) and i5-3220, and intel HD 2500.



There are a few popping sounds in the first part of the video, but it goes away when you get to the phone views.
Speaking of the phone views, maybe you should have changed the subtitles color for this part. Some of the text is invisible because the background is the same color.


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Ya, I have noticed them. Thats why I have also uploaded the srt file to YouTube. Regarding the voice, it’s just bad audio editing on my side.