Create a file with two audio tracks?

Hello everyone,
I begin with Shotcut and I want to create a file with two audio tracks and choose between these two tracks when I open it.
I have already create a file with one video and two audio tracks in my timeline. When I export the file and I open it, both audio tracks are superposing (its an MP4 file).
(I think I have to export an MKV file but I don’t know if it will work).
Someone can help me ? Thanks.

You need a multiplexer, or an application that is capable of putting several audio streams into a single file.
Try Avidemux (multi-platform).
Export the video from Shotcut with only one audio stream, and then in Avidemux, audio, select track, load the second stream in the second place.

MKVToolnix works as well.


Thanks guys I will try Avidemux :slight_smile: another possibility is to create 2 different files with Shotcut, each one track and use MKVToolnix to assemble (I did that).

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