Create a command or key, which contains some frequently used settings

Hi, currently I need to export all the video clips I make with the SLR, using these standardized settings:
1.) HD 1920x1080, 24 frames / s.
2.) Color profile: REC or BT 709.
3.) Format: MOV.
4.) Codec: PRO RES or PHOTOJPEG.
My limited knowledge of Shotcut, obliges me to manually set all these parameters for every single video I make.

Is there the possibility of including these conditions for me standardized in a single automatic command?
Thank you.

Set Video Mode to 1080 24fps
Video Mode is set before you start a project. From my use of Shotcut, Shotcut remembers the video mode from one project to the next.

When you’re ready to export, just pick “Default” under Stock presets.
Click Advanced. Change Format to “mov” on the Video sub tab.
Give it your own custom name. It will appear under the “Custom” section in the presets.
As long as your Video Mode is set, the resolution/frame rate will be the same here.

Update: @shotcut has a better solution for export selection.

This video mode already exists - no need to recreate it.

Always start with the closest Stock preset if possible even if you are going to change something in Advanced. Many of the presets contain things that are needed for a certain format or codec.

In this case, all he needs to do is click the “ProRes” preset - simply enter “pror” into the search to locate it quickly.

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My mistake, I had not thought that was there, and I didn’t look.
Edited my post to reflect that.

Thank you both for the immediate and useful solutions, which you offer thanks to this forum.
Actually this is a nice forum. :+1:

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