Crashing when opening (some) saved projects?

Now, I’ve only started using Shotcut today, but I do feel like I’ve looked into this issue enough. I’ve saved two projects today: an 8 second one, and the other was a minute 30 (1:30). The 8 second one opens fine, but Shotcut instantly crashes when I try to open the 1:30 one. A little bit could possibly be because my laptop is getting a little old and slow, but that probably isn’t the full case since apparently a lot of other people deal with this problem too. Now, these projects don’t contain any videos in them. They are composed completely of pictures! And none of the source images have been moved around or anything (they are all in the same place as the MLT file claims when it’s opened in Notepad). I don’t think I’m leaving any other important information out… Am I just going to have to try to edit an entire video in one sitting to prevent crashing later on by trying to open the project? Or is there a fix for this? I’ve gone through so much video editing software in the past week and I really like this one! Am I just going to have to find yet another software? (I downloaded Shortcut just today, so I definitely have the most recent version).

If you have GPU Processing enabled, disable it.
You likely won’t rescue your 90 second project but future projects should be safe.

In addition to Steve’s question, can you tell us about your image files? What file type are they (jpeg, png)? What size are they?

There is one bug fix for PNG files that hasn’t been released yet. But they are a very specific and rare type of PNG file.

It says that the GPU Processing was already disabled, even before I started either video.

The image files are JPEGs, and are 2560 px by 1440 px in size for both videos.

I guess I fixed the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled Shotcut, and I just had to wait 5-10 minutes for the 90 second file to open. :slight_smile: