Crashing Shotcut 32/64 bit version?

I’ve been having problems with Shotcut crashing alot from day 1. After researching on the tutorials here I found a possible cause and that is I downloaded the 32 bit version for my 64 bit windows 10 laptop.

I then downloaded the 64 bit version but didn’t remove the 32 bit version as I still had work on it that I hoped I could finish it but also start a new project on the 64 version.

Now it seems after installing the 64 bit version it wont open maybe because of the 32 bit…?
Is there a way (setting) I can check what version the old 32 bit version is that is on my task bar to see if it has just been updated or will they be 2 different files??


That is a bad idea, and I doubt it came from any “tutorials here.”
Do not install the 64-bit version to the same location as your 32-bit one.
Just uninstall everything and install the latest 64-bit version.

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