Crashing on file open

Hi - most of the time (but not always) Shotcut crashes when I try to open an existing .mlt file or drag a clip from explorer onto the playlist in a new project.
I’ve tried all the things suggested in other threads (e.g. making sure GPU processing is turned off).

The videos are not particularly long (max 5 mins).

It’s a shame this product seems so unstable (I guess you get what you pay for though!)

I am using version 18.05.03, running on Windows 10 on a Lenovo 520S laptop.

According to Lenovo’s specifications, your computer is just under the recommended specifications to run Shotcut. RAM should be enough, depending on how much Win10 programs are running in the background, which could take down the ram count considerable.

5400RPM HDD drives are really slow. If your computer came with the 128gb SSD, that may help speed things up if you can put your video files on the SSD for processing.

It’s not a matter of the price of software, it’s an issue of if your computer can handle the load you’re tying to put it under.

Tks Hudson555x - I’ve got 8GB RAM and the 256SSD, I was hoping that would be enough for simple video editing.

Any ideas as to why it keeps crashing though? Anything I can do stop it? I’ve done a few short videos now using Shotcut and kinda got the hang of it, so really keen to carry on with it if I can!

I’ve tried shutting down all other programs, but to no avail.

This is an old and known buggy version. The latest version is 19.01.27. The least you can do is try the latest version before complaining (“you get what you pay for”).

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