Crashing constantly on a Mac

Started using Shotcut not to long ago. The project I work on is 1h 30min long. I am creating subtitles using the title filter. The program crashes every 3-4 min normally while typing the text or when pressing the space bar to start/stop the video. Running the latest Mac OS X on an iMac and have no problems running other audio and video editing software. I tried quitting all other apps - no difference, stopped the Wi-Fi - no difference. When tried the GPU option it crashed immediately after restart, the only thing that allowed me to do is to switch OFF the GPU option…

Now - very freshly I am at the 27 min mark in the video and now it is not even possible to play smooth the project. It plays normal and as soon as it crosses the 26 min mark it starts skipping frames and shows one every second or so…

If you have any idea, please let me know! Thank you for your time.

This very much depends on the choice of filters you have applied to the footage and your hardware specs.
Some filters [and combination of filters] will cause preview playback skipping on every machine.

The filters that are used on this video file are:

  1. Text
  2. Fade In Video
  3. Fade Out Video

That is all.

Thanks for the info.

For me - in Linux - using the built in text tool was a guaranteed way to kill a project. Play up to that point and Shotcut self-destructs.

What I’d do is remove the HTML text from your .mlt project file using a text editor (remembering to back up first), and then use separate transparent graphics files for titles instead.

Thanks for the advice. Will try it and see how it works!

Thanks again.


I have a crashing problem too.

I’m using Mac Os Monterey, and usually Shotcut works just fine.

Today it started crashing everytime I open it, as soon as I upload more than 2 short videos (1 min long). Any help is very appreciated.

I tried closing background apps, restarting the laptop, and I made sure I’m running the newest version of shortcut, nothing’s working.

Thank you,