Crashing and Stammering

I am a big fan and user of Shotcut, however, I have experienced the following issues and I am sure you could help me iron them out or guide me towards solutions.

I use a MacBook Pro (2017) with a 3.1 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5. However, when I go to “Filters, Crop” the program quits unexpectedly and this happens every single time.

Also, I have overlayed two tracks over each other and during playback, when the timeline gets to the point where there are two tracks, the video glitches and stammers so to speak.

I appreciate help regarding these two matters.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Matthew Bugeja

What is your version of Shotcut? In the recent versions, there are 3 Crop filters. In version 20.02 there is a known bug when using Crop:Rectangle or Crop:Circle in conjunction with Preview Scaling. Turn off Preview Scaling in Settings. This is fixed for the next version.

That is the normal and expect performance of Shotcut with HD material on a dual core system. Export to have the video play smoothy.

Actually, this was due to a signing entitlements problem for Apple’s new requirements for notarization. It was fixed a couple of weeks ago, and new build uploaded. You can fix this by re-downloading and installing version 20.02.17

Thank you all. What you said makes sense and is applicable to my situation.

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