Crashes when mlt file is added to playlist

New user.

I created a 6 minute video and opened it as a clip, intending to add a photo and text as an opening, Now, this is where it gets interesting. I made a copy of the file as will as all the clips used to make it, on my solid state drive where I have plenty of memory. When I opened the copy “Open MLT XML as clip” it opened it OK, but when I moved the clip to the playlist Shotcut crashed. When I explored the problem it appeared that Shotcut tried to open two versions of Visual Studio (2012 and 2015). I shut down the computer and started over only to see the same problem several times.

As I’m writing this, I tried opening the video from the copy on the HDD (where it was created) and it worked fine, I think. OK, so I tried to verify the problem on the SSD to get more detailed error information - but it appears to have worked and so far I haven’t been able to replicate the problem.

I seem to be OK now, but there appears to be something going on at the system level that should be addressed, but I do not understand. Back in the DOS days I could correct system problems, but these new systems have left me in the dust.